Please contact us if you have any other questions!

It's simple! Join, play chess with other members online, make some money. Check our roadmap to see when the gaming and betting platform will commence. Our platform also serves as a Network that connects everyone in the Chess Ecosystem (players, arbiters, Event organizers, Instructors, managers and crypto enthusiast).

Our Ecosystem refers to our “world” or Global community which consist of Individuals who would be more than willing to interact with other members of the Ecosystem. The following are group of Individuals that will make up the Ecosystem; Players, Event Organizers, Arbiters, Managers / Sponsors, Instructors, Others. Please refer to our Whitepaper for a more in depth discussion about Individuals making up the Ecosystem.

We welcome everyone from around the world to be part of this great Ecosystem. There are currently no restrictions as to who can benefit from our platform. Feel free to join other community members on Telegram and interact.

Yes, we are more than willing to welcome Individuals or group of individuals to organize an event on our behalf. Please contact us if you wish to do so.

Chess Coin is our digital currency that will be used on our platform. The symbol is CHESS. View on etherscan.

NO! We are an Organization and community based project and we are not doing any sort of crowdfunding. We are self funded. We however do welcome investors. If you find our project interesting and would like to be one of our investors, Kindly send an email to

We recommend checking out our White Paper.